A 4 piece band founded in March 2015:
                                                              Ashley  Stone :  vocals.
                                                              Russel Harrison : guitar, vocals.
                                                              Pete Sims : drums.
                                                              Frank Pirois : bass.

 ALL ABOUT FRANK was founded in March 2015 with Andy Purcell (Electric Groove Temple) on vocals 
but in June 2016, he left and was replaced by Ashley Stone.
Ashley  has been hitting notes for over 30 years now, fronting that big metal band "School for the gifted" which took his voice to another level 15 years ago captivating worlwide audiences, but still 
keeping his foot in the door waiting for that next big sound.
15 years is a long time  to watch a big voice slip away in hibernation.
Now he s been reborn again thanks to the sound of All About Frank.
"This is fresh new sound coming from his old school Berkshire lad ."

Pete started playing drums at 14 years old  in a school band. His main influences are Cozy Powell and John Bonham.   He had a spell in an all girl steel band and then played in a few local rock bands doing the pubs and clubs around the Reading area. He had a spell with the Complaints, Angel Vice ( who's members went on to form The Electric Groove Temple.) Singer songwriter Steve Cook. it was during this time that he first played briefly with Andy Purcell then playing bass guitar.
He then joined Sunking a London based band that featured Singer Songwriter Simon Fellowes of F machine and Interferon and brilliant guitarist/ producer Keith Fernley.
Russ Harrison In the 80s played with notorious punk / psychedelic leeds bands including Alchemy and straw dogs . He went on to play with leeds infamous five piece indie band snatch ha ! In the nineties eventually joining Mainline, another leeds band which lasted 15 years , covering mainly the north England circuit.
Frequently gigging , writing and recording material along the way ! Recently spent a few years writing and recording with Mick roberts the singer from 90s leeds band bridewell taxis.
Now moved to reading and joined "all about frank "and looking forward  to  the future .
"Cause this band fucking rocks and its got all the ingredients and potential for  the diversity that I'm after in life ! Remember lads "a band is not just for Christmas" these are human beings where dealing with here .well some of em anyway and others that vaguely represent them."
"Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law ,never mind the others ....as if .
Suck it in slowly and don't forget to chew the cud or you'll end up regurgitating your past ! Ha ! 
Cheers Russ ! "
Frank have played with the endever (a local wiltshire band),  Steve gilmore blues band,  james eddings project (a jazz/soul project),  mano piano/mp3s ,  Jessie Grace (3 piece rock band) and  Da Vinci brothers over the last ten years..
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